Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

Have you ever gone circus? …  No!

Then, you must have ever watched any of the video on internet so I have a very simple question that Who is the real animal? … The One who obeys for the fear of being beaten or The One who enjoys tantalizing others. Think and let us know in the comment section. Get ready to face these types of questions via cheater movie. Cheater! … Why? … How? I will let you know about everything. For the time being, Welcome to our today’s movie named ‘Sherni’.

Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

The Story has been made around a temperate forest. It has humans, animals and third one very interesting monsters as well those who are hidden in ourselves. There is a tiger in this forest who has disturbed everyone. He sometime in a darkness of night or in a lightness of sun is hunting other animals or their owners (humans) to satisfy his hunger.

Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

A forest officer vidya has been appointed to set free the village people from this fear. Officer vidya is humble to her job and does her work honestly but the forest has its own law that doesn’t obey any government or officer. In simple words the one who is weak will be hunted by the powerful. Then, some dangerous incidents started coming to the forth in which every morning human’s half-eaten bodies started appearing in this forest but the story took a surprise twist when the village’s politics start using its as their weapon. Two leaders will start killing village’s people to save their position and tiger will be blamed for all these things. By the way, in this story there is one more interesting character it’s a famous hunter who is proud of himself of killing tigers by his gun. 

Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

Now, the mission is so simple seek the tiger and get village’s people rid of the fear of tiger and proves the forest law appropriate as ‘Weak vs Powerful’. You must have read tiger is the king of forest. No!… It’s only for stories. In this big world where many forests are situated its biggest devil is human who wants to have tiger for satisfying his hunger in this story. 

Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

There are two ways for it:

    1. Style of our hunter man ‘Shoot the tiger and everything is done on the spot’.
    2. Method of our vidya madam ‘Set a trap then call the tiger and catch him then migrate him to a zoo or national park etc’
Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

So, from here the story starts tangling like a spider’s web. Our sherni is in the middle and humans are around her like monsters. Who will win at the end and the law of forest is exist in reality or it’s just a dialogue which is come from literate people. Seek the answer by yourself on amazon prime etc. 

Now, come to the point shall we watch it or not? If I explain it in one line so it’s not for everyone. ‘Sherni’ after seeing its poster or after reading its storyline you have made a mistake of considering it thriller or suspense movie. Everything is fake my friend nothing is like this in this movie. In reality it’s a new genre movie which is named worldliness. At one glance, If you see the story of this movie it sounds simple like no twist no suspense maybe some people calls it boring movie but when you see it again carefully then you will get many more stories in one story layer by layer like as a spider’s web which doesn’t have any tiger but i and you who are trapped badly in a world’s web. 

Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

Firstly listen speciality of this movie after that we’ll speak ill of it freely.


    1. Movie is made like that as you feel yourself in a forest and at any moment tiger can attack you. You won’t leave thinking this. It’s a unique experience.
    2. The real king of the forest not a tiger but a leader. It’s presented without any fear. 
    3. Death… From which we feel scared alot how some people have become habitual of it. Get up in the morning take break fast then at night see someone’s dead then sleep and next morning again wait for becoming someone’s death witness. This thing will leave a spot on heart.
Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

So, now come to the weakness means negative points of this movie.


    1. Starting 1 hour of this movie it seems that movie is stuck and it is still there from where it started. Why nothing happens.
    2. Method of telling story means narration style is very bad means director has considered it that 99% audience are that much mature as they can understand the whole story without telling anything but it’s not like that and it’s vice versa that only 1% people want to use their mind in any movie story and the rest audience want everything is clear not complicated. 
    3. ‘Animal is a friend of humans not enemy’ this dialogue comes many times in this movie but film makers have forgotten to show it because of that the main message of this movie get fail.
Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

So, it’s not simple for everyone to chase that sherni. Only watch this movie when you want to use your mind in every scene of this movie. Nothing will be served here in a plate. There is a possibility you may get bored while watching it and you may repent for wasting your 2 hours on it. It’s your choice.

Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

I give this movie 5 out of 3 stars. First star is for giving amazing experience as we are in a forest. Second start is for exposing the politics monster to debunk so called government job. ‘All the glitters is not gold’ You will clearly understand this thing after watching this movie. Third start is for dividing the screen time honestly although Vidya Balan is a lead actor of this movie and she is champion in acting but focus of this movie on other supporting casts as well. Vijay Raj, Neeraj Kabi, Brijendra Kala, Sharat Saxena. Everyone comes on the screen for some time and ingratiate the audience. 

If I talk about negatives cut one start for too much slow screen play means normal audience of Bollywood movie may sleep watching it. Cut second star for more than intelligent narration in which first untangle the story then understand it the director has left both of the work on audience so it’s not fair. 

Sherni 2021 Movie Explained

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