The Stone Man Murder 2009 – Hindi Movie story explain

The Stone Man Murder 2009 - Hindi Movie story explain

In Bombay 1980s The Police Spector Sanjay is doing his job honestly and fighting against criminal wholeheartedly but as you may hear that nothing has a good luck therefore once a day Mr. Sanjay was unable to control himself and beat a thief who is caught in his jail very badly as he killed him after that he got suspended because of his violence.

There is his junior officer Mr. Kedar who is opposite to him as he doesn’t give importance to his job then an strange accident occurs when some beggars who sleep on a road become a part of a murder mystery someday there is a damaged human face so someday there is a damaged body. One thing is common here that all of them have been killed by a huge stone. Now, Mr. Kedar is handling this case but as well as Mr. Sanjay is investigating this case unofficially by himself too because he wants to get back his police job by solving stoneman murder mystery.

The Stone Man Murder 2009 - Hindi Movie story explain

There are some unexplainable facts that they get after investigating 

  1. All murders have been done between 10 to 4 at night when according to astrology Saturn effect is at the highest level. 
  2. Murder days are only Tuesday and Thursday.
  3. Every dead body has broken coconut with red vermilion. 
The Stone Man Murder 2009 - Hindi Movie story explain

As if these are the murders for making titans happy. Have you ever thought that a worthless stone can become a shortcut to send you in heaven or hell so it’s a creativity of this movie. 

Even though this movie concept sounds simple murder mystery but there is a superstition in it. Superstition is a kind of illness that is more dangerous than covid and when poison comes in a person body so then that person becomes dangerous for others and actor like kay kay menon make people forget the difference between reality and cinema that type of amazing acting wake up the stoneman soul. As the movie is only for 90mins but when you start watching it your mind will not get rest till at the end it will as tangle as you may get into spider’s web.

The Stone Man Murder 2009 - Hindi Movie story explain

Dangerous thing is at the end of the movie means why people were killed , why and how. The answer of all question will be given like that as you will get amazed and as one fight is killer vs law so another fight is between Mr. Kedar and Mr. Sanjay this thing sounds simple in listening but think if this things is in  reality so that time what the condition is.

This movie the stoneman murder is based on real incident. In Bombay 1983 many unknow people were found out died and it happened again in Kolkata  1987 when the newspaper was published the news about murders of 9 peoples but strange thing is that today almost after 40 years the case of all these murders has not solved yet. Killer of all these people is still independent .

The Stone Man Murder 2009 - Hindi Movie story explain


  1. Kay Kay Menon As Sanjay Shellar
  2. Arbaaz Khan As Kedar
  3. Rukhsar Rehman As Manali Shellar
  4. Virendra Saxena As Hawaldar Kamble
To know about the rest of the cast: Click here

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