Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie – Story Explain

Tom and Jerry it’s directed by “Tim Story” the man behind barbershop taxi the first two fantastic four films most recently shaft and this film finds “Tom the Cat” and “Jerry the Mouse” running into each other in New York City.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

Eventually meeting Chloe Grace Moretzwho’s trying to work at a “Fancy Hotel” hoping that a wedding between two insanely rich people goes well and it kind of sucks for her that a cat and mouse keep getting in the way tom and jerry follows the formula of just about every one of the older cartoons that have been adapted to a film it takes place in New York City.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

It has a lot of human characters and really terrible slapstick that isn’t funny recycle jokes from a billion other movies involving poop and farts all we really came to see is tom and jerry and they’re barely in the movie because tom and jerry are two animals that don’t speak that run around for five minutes or so and hit each other with heavy objects.

“The old cartoon is fun” I used to watch it a lot as a kid it was kind of the thing that would be on when I’d be eating breakfast. It’s not like i cared about the plot of tom and jerry it was just entertaining. It wasn’t like i was excited every single week to find out “what happens next time” on tom and jerry.

It was just Tom and Jerry and they ran around and hit each other with things so to make a whole movie out of it and a 100 minutes movie at that you can really feel them straining to come up with ideas as the film plays out.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

These birds routinely appear throughout the movie to break the fourth wall and remind us of what is going on in the plot, I’m not exaggerating there are scenes with the birds where they stare at us and give us a recap of what has recently “happened” just in case we forgot.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

When we meet Kayla played by “Chloe Grace Moretz” she’s on the best quality facetime call ever quitting her job so she walks into this very fancy hotel finds a woman there that’s applying for a job.

This woman’s very excited about this job it means a lot to her and Kayla convinces her to not even apply she lies and manipulates her to the point where she scares the shut out of her and this woman just leaves without applying for the job.

Then, Kayla steals this woman’s resume and applies for the job and get sit and for some reason I guess this was the film’s way of making me like that character. Well, It didn’t “work”.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

Now, obviously the film is trying to set up an arc for her where she starts out a terrible person along the way tom and jerry and their cat and mouse-like antics will make her realize that she should have been a better person and hopefully admit her faults but to have that be the introduction to what is essentially the protagonist of your movie.

It was strange because “This is a film for Kids”and this film is saying that to get to the top you have to lie and cheat and steal and step over someone else’s hard work to get a job you want.

Yup, it’s definitely a big Hollywood movie they love that which brings me to the main thing I couldn’t help but think about throughout the whole movie this is a film where people got paid there’s nothing in the movie that reminded me of the cartoon except for the fact that tom and jerry are in it and occasionally they hit each other with things.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

This is a movie about a socialite wedding with two super rich people who want elephants and tigers and drones, dji drones specifically because we get a lot of product placement with those drones, they want all that at their wedding and they’re having marital problems that Chloe Grace Moretz can maybe help her with because she lost the ring and he’s kind of Clueless and Michael Pina who runs parts of the hotel is annoyed that this woman has gotten this job and he doesn’t think she’s qualified and all of that is happening for the majority of the movie.

Occasionally Tom and Jerry appear for the most part though it’s everyone else but maybe the comedy could save it maybe it could be funny Michael Pina is hilarious.

This movie has a lot of people in it that are good with comedy. Unfortunately, they went for embarrassing awkward cringe humor like people just talk and talk in a scene until they realize they’re being embarrassing but they’re not saying anything funny.

Well, everyone stares at them and then they go sorry and walk away that kind of humor.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

Constantly over and over again. People do very embarrassing things in public in front of crowds you know like a fish that’s animated has a little thought bubble and, in the thought, bubble is the poop emoji that’s the level we’re at here guys and I understand that it’s a Tom and Jerry movie.

I did not go into this movie expecting highbrow entertainment I just would love if movies like this respected children. If they seem to even remotely care about children and not pandering to them and not treating children like they’re idiots. This is a movie that parents can turn on to make their infants not do anything for “90 minutes” well “100 minutes” but your kids aren’t going to retain anything from this.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

If anything they’re going to learn to lie cheat and steal to get to the top which isn’t exactly what you want your kids to do. I’m sure it’s actually kind of shocking how much of the film is about people and this plot about a wedding with two super rich people at a hotel that we genuinely don’t care about because they’re actually being faithful in that tom and jerry do not speak and so to make a feature film out of this ip they obviously had to populate it with people and get a lot of actors who made some money i will tell you that.

This film reminded me of the smurfs which if you’ve watched my article for a long time, you know those movies have really rubbed me the wrong way over the years but I don’t know what it is about these films where the studio just thinks.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

We have this ip this old cartoon let’s just throw him in New York city. Let’s just have him go to the big apple we’ll have some antics with some people and it plays like a series of awkward embarrassing cringe humor sketches from SNL and they even hired an SNL actor this time.

So that’s cool look I didn’t expect anything going into this movie I was just going to watch it and review it.

Tom and Jerry 2021 Full Movie - Story Explain

I am honestly really shocked though that these films that just don’t really care about kids just keep getting made there’s nothing in the film that a kid can watch and think that was special or that meant it’s just the thing that can be on while they’re sitting. The best thing i can say about the movie is that they released it got made it’s a real movie that’s out and I guess it probably employed people which is cool people made money people paid their bills.

I’m gonna give tom and jerry an F it’s basically like the smurfs and yogi bear and you know it’s right in their guys. It’s like all that i don’t know why they can’t make a good one they’re just they’re struggling.


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