Cruella 2021 – Disney Plus Movie Explained

Cruella (2021) Movie Full Review:

Hey, I’m Hammad. Today i’m gonna explain a movie named Cruella which is recently released on Disney Plus. So let’s get started…

Cruella’s directed by Craig Jalepsi the man behind “I Tonya” and “Lars and the real girl” a movie you should see if you’ve never seen it. It’s so weird and i love it. The film is set in “1970s London” amidst the punk rock revolution and it follows a young grifter named Estella played by Emma Stone.

She dreams of being a “Fashion Designer” but she spends her days being a “Petty Thief” but when Estella’s flair for fashion catches the eye of “Baroness Von Hellman” played by Emma Thompson a fashion legend their relationship sets in motion a course of events that will lead Estella to embrace her wicked side and become Cruella Deville.

I’m going to be completely blunt I didn’t care about this movie at all. I didn’t want to see it I’m kind of done with “Disney Live Action” stuff so many of them have been bad to mediocre a couple of them are okay and some of them are actually kind of good but i just can’t get excited for them anymore. I can’t look forward to them anymore and i don’t know if it’s because I’m becoming some old crusty sack or maybe they’ve just mostly been kind of bad lately especially Mulan.

I knew nothing about the film I thought it was rated pg it’s not it’s pg-13. I thought it was a super family movie. I just thought it was yet another Disney Property Ip and yeah sure it is you know they’re gonna probably make more if this is successful but “Craig Gillespie” directs with a considerable amount of energy sometimes too much energy. Sometimes, the scenes move too quickly and it feels like he could have waited a little bit longer but i mean the movie is already over two hours long. So, i understand why it’s as quick as it is but the film moves surprisingly well and it doesn’t feel like any other Disney films to me i mean of course i mean i’m not like extremely well versed in every movie they’ve ever released but it felt more like The Devil Wears Prada with a darker tinge to it.

I really like “The Devil Wears Prada” and so, i appreciated that this movie seemed like it was taking a few risks in that it does have some very “dark stuff”. There are some scenes that would greatly bother children there’s death in it and there’s a considerable amount of implied violence and I know that a lot of parents will probably not like a few scenes in the movie but I thought they were cool.

Emma Stone is good as “Corella” I liked her quite a bit i had to get away from the fact that i always associate “Glenn Close” with this character from live action but she’s very good in the film. I guess Glenn Close is actually a producer on the movie which is kind of cool but really the star of this movie and the person who steals every scene she’s in is Emma Thompson.


I can imagine that having both of your leads named “Emma” was probably a little annoying on set but she’s amazing in the film she’s one of the best “Disney Villains” in a long time she is a ruthless, relentless absolutely horrible human being the stuff that she does and that what worked so well about the movie for me was the mentor-student relationship between young “Estella” and “Baroness Von Hellman”.

The desperation in Estellatrying to please her trying to impress her with her designs and ideas for fashion. It’s something that really anyone can relate to if you want to create something and you’re trying to impress people who are in positions of power that you feel you need to impress to do what you want to do for a living.

The twists and turns the movie takes some of them i expected absolutely 100%. There’s a few things where i’m like of course. Yeah obviously, but there was one thing that honestly i did not expect and i should have seen it coming but i didn’t. So, that’s good i mean the movie had a pace to it that was infectious the costume design is also beautiful.

There are some things that i am just always going to notice they’re always going to trigger something in me a memory of some kind that I’m always going to pay attention to and one of those things is when golden eye sound effects or sound effects that were used in goldeneye 64 are in movies.

There is absolutely 100%a gasp from a female character when she’s tased in this film that is definitely this. Every time they use a sound effect that was in golden eye in a movie I’m going to point it out. Without a doubt the thing about the film that bothered me the most is its incredibly aggressive soundtrack all the songs are obviously hit songs from the 70s but it’s almost constant. It reminded me of suicide squad where songs were very heavily relied on to create a feel when at times the movie really didn’t need to revert to a song but there are so many uses of classic songs from the era.

It started to grate on my nerves a little bit because i felt like the movie was overly relying on that it wasn’t really creating its own tone or own feel sometimes and just hoping the songs would do all the heavy lifting and there are plenty of things in the movie that i could see “Disney Purists” getting upset about people who think that it has to lead into the animation in a specific way or like something that she did in the cartoon has to be reflected here or they change the thing or they switch something around.

I don’t like how they did that i can see that people who really want things to all stay the same and don’t want to see anything new. I could see them getting upset by that.

With every disney movie there’s always that part of me that’s like oh yeah, they’re setting up something there and that didn’t really need to be in the movie and just for the Ip and there’s always going to be parts of me that notice those things but it happens man. I mean that’s how a lot of these things get made you have to kind of convince someone else that there’s potential for more development.

It’s really hard to do that sometimes when you’re trying to focus on making just one good movie you can almost tell like oh that’s where somebody told Jalepsi to put a scene in. He probably didn’t want to do that but that’s in there now because he had to. I don’t know of course i don’t know if that’s true but there’s just certain moments that feel like they’re there because somebody told them to put it there.

This movie surprised me i mean maybe it’s because i had the lowest of the low expectations and i just didn’t really care to see the movie at all and I’m actually gonna recommend it I think you guys should see it. It’s gonna be on “Disney Plus”. I believe, i don’t know if they’re doing that premiere thing or whatever but also in theaters it’s a gorgeous looking movie so it’d probably look amazing on the big screen.


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