Engin Altan Düzyatan Biography – Private Life, Profession and Starting Career


I am gonna talk about Engine Altan Düzyatan’s Starting Career, Profession, Private Life, etc. If you want to know everything about the Engine Altan life so keep reading till the end so let’s start our cruising.

Engin Altan Düzyatan Biography

Basic Info:

Engine Altan was very indelicate in his childhood. Being the youngest in the house, he was very lovable. He is the youngest of his siblings. Engin Altan was born on 26 July 1979, in the city of Izmir, It’s located in Turkey, and his age is 40 years. His occupation is Actor and Filmmaker and his Nationality is Turkish.

Private Life:

His mother’s name is Gülşen Düzyatan. His mother was very Pretty and Noble. After leaving university life, she took on the responsibility of raising her three children. Engine Altan Duzyatan Father’s name is Mevlan Duzyatan. Altan got married to Neslişah Alkoçlar in 2014 and he has a little son “Emir Aras” his age is 4 years and a little daughter whose name is “Alara” and her age is 2 years.

Starting Career:

He started his showbiz career at an early age. Since 1997, the engine has appeared in numerous TV Series and Movies. In the early years of his career, he found himself a supporting actor infamous TV series (Ruhsar, Bizim Otel, Kokum Benim, and many more). 
In 2005, he started in the short TV series Woman Always Right, also he played Theaters in various cities of Turkey and has developed himself. We have collected the best tv shows and movies of Engine Altan as well.

Work in TV Series:

  1. Ruhsar worked as Baris in 2001
  2. Bizim Otel worked as Altan in 2001
  3. Yeditepe İstanbul worked as Konuk oyuncu in 2001
  4. Kocum Benim worked as Orcun in 2002 – 2004
  5. Hurrem Sultan worked as Sehzade Bayezid in 2003
  6. Muhurlu Guller worked as Engin in 2003 
  7. Alacakaranlık worked as Doctor in 2003 
  8. Kampusistan worked as Levent in 2003
  9. Azize worked as Efe in 2004 
  10. Sil Baştan worked as Cihan in 2004 
  11. Belalı Baldız worked as Vedat in 2005 
  12. Kadın Her Zaman Haklıdır worked as Pekcan in 2005 
  13. Sıla worked as Journalist in 2006 
  14. Kızlar Yurdu worked as Özgür in 2006 
  15. Affedilmeyen worked as Orhanin 2007 
  16. Sevgili Dünürüm worked as Murat Muhtarin 2007 
  17. Dantel worked as Emrein 2008 
  18. Cesaretin Var Mı Aşka worked as Tamer in 2008 
  19. Bir Bulut Olsam worked as Doctor Serdar Batur in 2009 
  20. Kapalıçarşı worked as Fırat in 2010 
  21. 1 Milyon Canlı Para worked as Presenter in 2010 
  22. Şen Yuva worked as Himself in 2010 
  23. Son worked as Halil in 2012 
  24. Yol Ayrımı worked as Journalist, Murat in 2012-2013 
  25. Cinayet worked as Yılmaz Seyhan in 2014 
  26. Çırağan Baskını worked as Poldi/Mustafa in 2014
  27. Diriliş: Ertuğrul worked as Ertuğrul Bey in 2014-2019 
  28. 3’te 3 Tarih worked as Presenter in 2018-2019 
  29. Kurşun worked as Prosecutor Orhan Atmaca in 2019 
  30. Barbaroslar worked as Oruç Reis Barbarossa in 2021

Work in Films:

  1. Kalbin Zamanı worked as Genç Demir/Young Demir in 2005 
  2. Beyza’nın Kadınları worked as Koray in 2005 
  3. Cennet İstanbul worked as Can in 2007 
  4. Mezuniyet worked in 2008 
  5. Cin Geçidi worked as Inspector in 2008 
  6. New York’ta Beş Minare worked as Timur in 2010 
  7. Bir Avuç Deniz worked as Mert Akbay in 2010 
  8. Romantik Komedi worked as Cem Sezgin in 2010 
  9. Anadolu Kartalları worked as Major Kemal Tanaçan in 2011 
  10. Bu Son Olsun worked as Sinan in 2012 
  11. Max Maceraları: Kralın Doğuşu worked as Gölgelerin Efendisi in 2012 
  12. Max Maceraları 2: Krallığa Yolculuk worked as Gölgelerin Efendisi in 2012 
  13. Dört Duvar Saraybosna worked in 2012 
  14. Romantik Komedi 2 worked as Cem Sezgin in 2013 
  15. Bu İşte Bir Yalnızlık Var worked as Mehmet in 2013 
  16. Ve Panayır Köyden Gide worked as Ali in 2016 
  17. Bilal: Özgürlüğün Sesi worked as Bilal in 2017

Work in Theaters:

Anna Karenina:
He worked in the year 2006. Anna Karenina’s director is Mehmet. 
Kurklu Merkur: 
He worked in the year 2007-2008. The Director of Kurklu Merkur is Murat. 
Dar Ayakkabı: 
He worked in the year 2012. The Director of Dar Ayakkabı is Engin Altan Düzyatan / himself.


Magazine Awards In 2016: 
Engine Altan Duzyatan won the award in the category of Male Tv Series Actor.
Turkey Youth Awards In 2017: 
Engine Altan Duzyatan has received 4 nominations For Best Actor in it. 
Golden Butterfly Awards In 2016 – 2017: 
Engine Altan Duzyatan got 2 Nominations for the Golden Butterfly Awards in the category Best Actor and Best Performance. 
Golden Palm Awards In 2016 – 2017: 
Engine Altan Duzyatan won a Magazine Award in the category of Supporting TV Series Actor of the Year and Male TV Series Actor of the Year. 
Other Awards In 2016-2017-2018: 
Engine Altan Duzyatan also won a Quality of Magazine Award, Makin Istanbul Media Award, Art and Sports Award, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts High School Award, Social Awareness Award, Anatolia Media Award, Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards (DIAFA)


Ertugrul Ghazi Series: 
Engine Altan is the highest-paid actor in this series “Ertugrul Ghazi”. He earned $250k Turkish Lira or $34k per episode from Ertugrul Ghazi. 
Kalbin Zaman: 
Engine Altan earned from the film “Kalbin Zaman” and the box file earning is $267k
Engine Altan earned from the film “Mezuniyet” and the box file earning is $45k
Five Minarets in New York: 
Engine Altan earned from the film “Five Minarets in New York” and the box file earning is $64.53 million. 
Bir Avuc Deniz: 
Engine Altan earned from the film “Bir Avuc Deniz” and the box file earning is $560k
Anadolu Kartallari: 
Engine Altan earned from the film “Anadolu Kartallari” and the box file earning is $1.3 million. 
Romantik Komedi: 
Engine Altan earned from the film “Romantik Komedi” and the box file earning is $4.1 million.

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