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Hey everyone! Today, we are going to talk about the demon slayer season 2 release date confirmed. So, without any further delay let’s begin…

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  1. When and on which channel will the Demon Slayer Season 2 come?
  2. How many episodes are in Demon Slayer Season 2?
  3. On which October’s Sunday will the first episode come?
  4. Talk about Season 2

Demon Slayer Release Date Confirmed

Demon Slayer Release Date Confirmed

So, here we finally have confirmation of the “Demon Slayer Season 2 Confirmed Release Date” up until this point, we all knew that it would be coming sometime in 2021. While many of us were speculating that it would likely start airing in October of 2021 but we didn’t know for sure. I mean it would make sense since October is the start of a new fall Anime Season but then again if we look at last year attack on titan started airing in December.

So, you didn’t know however we now finally have the information for demon slayer season 2. I am so excited because season 2 is going to cover what is probably my favorite arc in the whole story.

Q1: When and On which channel will the Demon Slayer Season 2 come?

When and On which channel will the Demon Slayer Season 2 come?

The Official Japanese demon slayer website recently stated that demon slayer season 2 will air on “Fuji Tv” in Japan every “Sunday” in October of 2021. That’s every Sunday in quotation marks both “Crunchyroll News” and the “Anime News Network” are also reporting this.

Q2: How many episodes will be in Demon Slayer Season 2?

How many episodes will be in Demon Slayer Season 2?

It has been reported that demon slayer season 2 will feature two Coors meaning that it will have at least 25 or 26 episodes. It will air during both the fall and winter Anime Seasons.

This is amazing news obviously since it means that we’re gonna get the same number of episodes as we had in season one. This means that we won’t get like a reduced 12 episodes or 13 episodes half-season. Many big animes like Attack on Titan had these reduced 12 or 13 episodes seasons in the past. I know that some people were definitely afraid that this could happen to demon slayer as well.

Thankfully that is not gonna be the case. We are gonna be getting the full 25 or 26 episodes and they’re going to be airing in the fall of 2021 and winter of 2022.

Q3: On which October’s Sunday will the first episode come?

On which October’s Sunday will the first episode come?

Now, the big question is this we know that demon’s player season 2 is going to be airing on Sundays in October but which exact Sunday in October will the first episode air. The very first Sunday in October is October 3rd at the beginning of the month. So, it is fair to assume that demon slayer season 2 could also begin airing as soon as October 3rd which is only about 2 weeks after the making of this Article. I definitely hope that this is the case since I can’t wait for this season to begin as I said earlier it is covering one of my absolute favorite arcs in the whole story.

The red-light district arc is also known as the entertainment district arc. I will talk more about the arc in a second but first I do want to mention that while it definitely makes sense for demon slayer to start airing on the very first Sunday of October. Since the news websites are reporting that it will air every Sunday in October and that, of course, includes the first Sunday, October 3rd.

It is still possible that the season might begin airing on a different Sunday in October. Obviously, I wanted to start right away on the 3rd but we can’t exclude the possibility that it might start like a week later on the 10th. So, while I am hopeful that we are gonna get it started as soon as possible. I do want to give everyone a heads up that the anime production schedules in Japan can be weird and unpredictable at times.

Now, on top of this massive release date news, we also have some other interesting news relating to the demon slayer anime. The anime news network is reporting that “Fuji Tv” the tv station that is going to be airing season 2 in October, is also going to be airing 5 special compilations of demonstrator’s season 1 in September. These compilations will serve as a recap of season 1 for everyone who wants to refresh their memories before heading into season 2. But interestingly enough these compilations are said to feature new footage that wasn’t originally included with the first season that is actually really interesting. I am curious to see what new footage they are talking about.

Will this be manga content that the Anime didn’t include or will it be stuff that wasn’t even in the manga?

These 5 specials or recap compilations will air on September 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, and the 23rd.

Talk About Season 2:Talk About Season 2:

The first arc that is going to cover is the red-light district arc also known as the entertainment district arc. If you’ve heard the arc called the red-light district and entertainment district and you’re confused don’t worry this is the same arc.

I think that the words red light district have certain connotations that some publications would prefer to avoid. That is why they refer to it as the entertainment district arc. This arc takes place 4 months after the events of the Mugen Train arc our boys Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke have been training hard to get stronger. They’ve also been going on demon slayer missions to gain experience following some sudden and strange events that nearly led to Aoi being kidnapped.

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are recruited for an important mission by Tengen Uzui. A former Ninja and current sound Hashira Uzui is a flashy and flamboyant Gigachad and one of my favorite characters in the entire story. He informs Tanjiro and the gang that they are going to be heading into the flashiest place in all of Japan, a place full of lost and avarice the red-light district apparently.

This district has been plagued by demon activity and a lot of people have gone missing there recently. These disappearances are likely the result of demon attacks but whoever these demons are they’ve been extremely effective in avoiding detection. Remember when I said that Uzui was a Gigachad. I really wasn’t joking, this man is such a Chad that he actually has not one but three hot ninja wives. These three wives infiltrated the red-light district in order to gather intel and locate the elusive demon who has been hiding there. However, their secret communications with Uzui suddenly stopped that is why Uzui needs backup, and our heroes Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu disguise themselves as girls. In order to infiltrate three establishments within the red-light district establishments which have been identified by Uzui as the most likely hiding places of the demon or demons.

This is incredibly unique situation leads to tons of both comedy and drama and the entire arc is just a masterpiece in my opinion. The main villain of this arc is also absolutely exceptional it is somewhat powerful devious and absolutely full of surprises. I can’t wait to see this entire arc animated and if you’ve been enjoying the demon slayer anime so far, trust me, when I say that it is only going to get better from here. If you’re excited for season 2 of demon slayer and what your personal favorite arc is in the story. If you have only seen the anime then you can just pick one from the anime movie. If you read the manga then you can also include the manga arcs.

Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly. So hopefully, after reading this article you would not have any confusion about the demon slayer season 2 release date confirmed. Keep visiting us to get useful information and many more things. Have a nice day!

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