Zenitsu Agatsuma – How Strong is Zenitsu Agatsuma


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Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma - How Strong is Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu is actually presented like a cowardly weakling in the beginning. He always doubts about his own power and gets worried that he is about to die, yet the talent is there. Even when we get flashbacks design to training with his Sensei, we see that the former thunder pillar Jigoro Kuwajima believed inside it soon. No matter how many times they needed to run away and said that he couldn’t produce any results, his sensei brought him back and told him that he has got the talent. The former thunder pillar believed in zenitsu and that’s very significant, not only was jigoro a pillar. According to kaigaku, he was a person who received the title, ‘the strongest demon hunter’.

So, the fact that such a strong person who could have his pick of students refuses to give up on zenitsu shows that there is definitely amazing potential in him. Zenitsu could only learn one of the 6 forms of the breath of thunder style.

The first is considered to be the most basic form. Zenitsu thought, he was failed because he couldn’t learn the rest. However, his sensei showed him that how to turn this seeming weakness into a strength, instead of getting a fundamental understanding of every form. Zenitsu could go deep and master the first form better than anyone else.

His sensei tells him to use the first form as much as he can until he reaches the limit. Then, his sensei tells him to go to the distance. He says that he can run or cry but he cannot give up. Not only does the sensei believe that he can become a great swordsman, he believes that he can become stronger than anyone else. So, clearly, zenitsu has a lot of potentials.

The man once called, ‘the strongest demon hunter’, believes that he can become the strongest. However, he is in the process of developing himself. When zenitsu confronts a demon in the drum house, the overwhelming fear and sense of responsibility he feels cause him to pass out. He literally falls asleep when he needs to be protecting people. It seems that all over when suddenly the demon attacking tongue gets cut off. The sensei gets up and signals for the kid present to get behind him, while asleep he cuts off the monster’s head with one quick slash. He looks like a complete badass until he wakes up and starts freaking out at the sight of a severed demon head. Although zenitsu doesn’t even know what happened, the narrator steps in to assure us that zenitsu has eye-stopping swordsmanship skills.

So, zenitsu agatsuma was strong from the beginning of the series. It is just that his fears hinder him from consciously using those powers. Whenever he goes into an unconscious state, he is free from fears and hesitation and is able to show his skills. With each battle, zenitsu gets better at using his powers while he is conscious. The gross older brother spider is an opponent that would freak out anyone. He injects zenitsu with poison and zenitsu starts turning into a spider and he even starts losing his hair. During this battle, again it appears like zenitsu passes out from fear and falls out of a tree. But he appears to be thinking now and even opens his eyes at one point. The spider got surprised with zenitsu skills and marvels at how he was able to turn his body midair and dodge, despite how much the poison is hurting zenitsu and making it harder for him to move.

Zenitsu succeeds in beating the demon spider and he doesn’t just beat him, he crushes him. He uses breath of thunder first form, ‘thunderclap flash’ like he did before but this time he makes it 6-fold. This allows him to move like lightning and his speed is immense. He moves in 6 different directions before hitting the spider. Yet zenitsu was so fast that the spider still had no time to react. After he defeats a spider demon he thinks about a happy dream where he is stronger than anyone else. He does have the potential as long as he does not give up. In the fight against upper moon six Daki and Gyutaro, Zenitsu still looks like he’s sleeping but he can communicate with Tanjiro. He uses the first form but 8-fold this time. Daki saw his previous attack, so she thinks that she knows the limits of his speed, however, then zenitsu uses Godspeed. Daki and the upper moon can’t help but call zenitsu movements so fast. He can only use Godspeed twice and then his legs will become useless at this point but the second time is enough to take daki’s head. When zenitsu fully wakes up he’s surprised that his whole body hurts and that his legs are broken. But the fact remains that he was fast enough to impress an upper moon and strong enough to play a crucial role in their defeat.

Now, we get to the fight between Zenitsu and Senpai Kaigaku. This fight is the best example of where zenitsu’s power is currently at and during this fight he doesn’t fall asleep. It’s actually funny because zenitsu usually looks scared when he confronts a powerful opponent and kaigaku is the strongest opponent, he’s had to confront all by himself. Yet despite the fact that he has to fight an upper moon by himself, he looks like an absolute savage. Not only he does not act scared as well as he seems 100% committed to absolutely crushing kaigaku. He even insults kaigaku by calling him a stopgap which is a temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need.

In other words, zenitsu was saying that kaigaku was only given the title of upper moon six because they needed someone to fill the role and not because he’s actually strong enough to deserve it. Kaigaku is a relatively new demon, so hasn’t had much time to get used to his new demon powers. Nevertheless, he is the strongest opponent, zenitsu has fought against alone.

Zenitsu is extremely angry with kaigaku because of his sensei, the only one who believed in him and his ability. He committed ritual suicide when kaigaku another one of his students willingly turned into a demon. Not only did a sense they kill themselves, no one was even there to properly execute the ritual. So, zenitsu and his sensei suffered a long and agonizing death. Kaigaku doesn’t care though because their sensei didn’t want to give him the successorship. Jigoro wanted kaigaku and zenitsu to share the successorship. This is also an important clue when it comes to zenistsu’s strength. His sensei felt that zenitsu was strong enough to share the successorship with kaigaku and this was when zenitsu was weaker than he is now. Kaigaku always used to be stronger than Zenitsu and now his power is amplified by his demon transformation.

Yet zenitsu cannot only keep up, he calls kaigaku too slow. Kaigaku uses his best attacks on zenitsu and he definitely injures him but not enough. Zenitsu uses a new form that he’s been keeping a secret. It is a form that he’s created for himself called Flaming Thunder God. While kaigaku has been fighting to kill zenitsu the whole time, zenitsu has been fighting while also feeling bad for kaigaku. He wishes that they could have worked together. He says sorry big brother before using his secret move to finish him off. In reality, it seems exciting that zenitsu used this move earlier a lot to finish kaigaku but he held back, either in order to gain kaigaku strength or in order to mentally prepare to finish off the person he used to look up to. This attack is extremely strong and fast, further style users are fast in general and kaigaku speed is further enhanced by his upper moon demon powers. Yet zenotsu’s technique is so fast, he can close a significant distance before kaigaku can even react. Furthermore, the attack is strong enough to easily cut through his neck, even though the upper moon’s neck can be especially tough to cut. It’s also telling that the attack forms a shape of a dragon. One of the most powerful of mythical creatures and has God in the title implying that it reaches a superhuman divine level.

It is clear that with this attack zenitsu has significantly passed kaigaku and skill, despite his demon upgrades. In fact, after the attack kaigaku said that he couldn’t even see the attack as zenitsu was too fast. So, zenitsu successfully overpowered a demon moon. Now, he did have to be rescued in the end from falling to his death and from his injuries. Yushiro confirmed that kaigaku had no idea how to use his own techniques and abilities. He called zenitsu lucky because if he fought kaigaku a year later, he would have died on the spot. However, I don’t think this is an entirely fair assessment.

For instance, is he assuming that zenitsu gets stronger in a year? … Give the rate of growth of both tanjiro and zenitsu over the show so far, I would say that in a year zenitsu was going to be a lot stronger too. Zenitsu and his Sensei was one of the strongest pillars ever, believed that zenitsu could become the strongest. So, I think he has mad potential to grow. Also, kaigaku was inexperienced but there is no doubt that you need to meet a certain and impressive standard before they’ll give you an upper moon title and he evidently met it.

Lastly, I do have the feeling that zenitsu could have finished the battle earlier with his secret attack. If he had fewer emotions and regret, causing him to hold back longer than necessary. We are told by the narrator when Muichiro beat the upper moon 5 that a pillar managing to the feet and upper moon demon is a really unnatural situation.

Now, I wouldn’t put zenitsu to a muichiro’s level yet because kaigaku as mentioned was lower-ranking and inexperienced when compared to upper moon 5. However, still, the fact that zenitsu could be an upper moon by himself speaks volumes about his power. If it’s even unnatural for a pillar to beat 1 and zenitsu isn’t even a pillar yet. Saying to us proof that he can consciously use his power now to effectively accomplish things that some pillars never accomplished, namely to kill an upper moon.

For instance, the former sound pillar needed a lot of help from zenitsu, tanjiro, and enozuke for them to eventually defeat upper moon 6 Daki and Gyutaro. The love pillar needed tanjiro to defeat upper moon for. Yet zenitsu overpowered the new upper moon 6 to such an extent that kaigaku couldn’t even follow his movements. For this reason, I would currently even consider putting zenitsu ahead of most pillars who have yet to access the see-through world. The see-through world seems to be something that only the most skilled demon slayers have accessed so far like Tanjiro and Muichiro. Although I don’t think he is as strong as tanjiro right now, I do think that zenitsu has made huge progress and that he is now skilled enough that he could help rather than get in the way in any upcoming battle.

That is how strong I think zenitsu is currently. I think that he is strong and especially fast, even compared to pillars and like his sensei, I think that he has the potential to eventually rival even the quickly evolving tanjiro in power.

Hope so guys you liked reading this article. I tried my best as much as possible ways to make you understand everything clearly. So hopefully, after reading this article you would not have any confusion about the demon slayer 2 character zenitsu agatsuma. Keep visiting us to get useful information and many more things. Have a nice day!

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